It takes a lot of supplies to run a shelter!

We’re talking food, cleaning supplies, toys–you name it, we need it!

Something you won’t see on our Wish List is plain ol’ money, but we can always use your monetary contribution. Your money will go toward the spay / neuter of someone in need. Remember that a single spay / neuter can prevent up to 300,000 kittens from a single mother every seven years!

You can learn more about what Save A Pet can use (big and small!) here.

One of the most precious gifts you can give anyone–on two legs or four–is the gift of your time.

We need people in person to help with events and fund-raising, but you can do much more!

Do you have a special skill you’d like to donate? Photographers, artists, printers–you name it, we can put you to work! Let us know by emailing

Don’t forget, if you’re a local business, we’d love to share your contribution with the community <3

We live in fairly rural area which is amazing for a ton of reasons, but there is one significant drawback–it’s hard to find the things we need within a short distance.

Thankfully, there are places like Amazon that ships right to the house. Lazy pants instead of jeans? Yes, please!

Amazon Smile is a great way to to help us without spending an extra penny. All you need to do is go to instead of You can search for Save A Pet Foundation in Sparta, NC and make it your charity of choice.

Going forward, a percentage of your purchase will go to us. How great is that?!

Sharing is caring! It’s an old phrase, invented way before the time of social media, but it’s never been more true than it is now.

Did you know that Facebook, our primary social media platform, is reducing the amount of times you see the content from the pages you’ve ‘liked’ in your newsfeed? That is, until you either pay for ads or get a high amount of engagement (likes, shares and comments) from the community.

This is where you come in. First, you can go to the Save A Pet Facebook page and make sure you’ve liked us. Then, click on the button with three dots next to the ‘follow’ (if you’re on your phone or tablet) or the little arrow next to the word ‘follow’ (on your computer) and click ‘see first’. This means you’ll always know what Save A Pet is up to!

Once that’s done, if you’ll be sure to like, comment and share the posts that speak to you, it will make sure that the word about Save A Pet gets out to more and more people. Your help is invaluable, and we thank you in advance!

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