Providing Alleghany Animals With Shelter

Who We Are

The Save a Pet Foundation was created in 2007 by a group of like minded people who saw a need in Alleghany County for an advocacy group dedicated to the county’s homeless animal population. The original board members have all retired, but Save A Pet is now comprised of a group of folks passionate about saving lives! Jessica Cook joined in early 2016, and soon became President of the Foundation. Steven Cook is our treasurer, and Jessi Smythers is our Media Manager.

Save a Pet raises funds for two spay and neuter programs; one to spay / neuter all the pets adopted from the county-funded Alleghany Animal Shelter, and one for the community. The latter is an approval based system for Alleghany County residents, based on their income. If approved, Save a Pet will pay for part or all of their pets spay or neuter!

What is PAAWS?

Save a Pet is also fundraising for PAAWS, which stands for Providing Alleghany Animals With Shelter. While Alleghany has a county-funded shelter, their policy allows for euthanization of healthy animals. We want to build PAAWS to make sure no animal is needlessly put to death.

Our goal is not just to build PAAWS as a standard shelter; we want to make this no-kill safe place so much more. Our goal is to have PAAWs be a hub for self-improvement and self-care.

Animal shelters, aka “pounds”, often have a negative connotation attached. PAAWS is meant to be different! Our goals are lofty, but we think it’s 100% do-able…

Imagine a place where, in our little town, you can bridge the usual barriers of time and adult-hood to meet other members of the community! We would love to have weekly pet-based therapy sessions for adults and children. We’ve seen other shelters invite children in to help them learn responsibility and a deeper sense of empathy.

We’re also looking to the youth of our community for another reason. Often, juvenile offenders aren’t given a lot of choices when it comes to community service. Our hope is to allow those kids to come to PAAWS, where they can not only complete their time, but where they will also be able to feel like they’re doing some good in the world. After all, a person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected, even if the appreciation is coming from a wagging tail!

And last, but definitely not least, we want to provide a comfortable, clean, safe, and warm place for those animals who are waiting on their forever homes. Right now, they’re in small cages and only walked twice a day (on average). We’d like to make sure any animal that visits PAAWS get regular playtime & human interaction, have comfy places to lie down, are protected from the elements, kept clean and always have full tummies.

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